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1cons's Journal

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Hello, welcome to the 1cons community.

This is a community for (duh :P) icons!

You can post what you made but you can also make requests.

Some rules:

1. Please use the LJ-cut code if you post more than 3 pictures, I don't want a community that takes ages to load. (<*lj-cut text="Cut off here"> Just remove the * and replace the Cut off here text with whatever you like).

2. Don't take any icons if the creator of it says you can't.

3. Please notify the creator of the icons which one you are going to take

4. Please be willing to share. :)

5. Enjoy!

That's all for now, but I can make up rules whenever I want! Oh, joy!

Maintainer: billie_jean :)

Heron-Productions - tons of icon tutorials

Thanks to tillyness for the layout

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